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Emnet er startet af  Raquel Lopes  (09-07-2019)

Dear Sirs,

What are the criteria for distinguishing "monumental", "ancient", "valueable old" trees that you use in the Traeregister? Is that a national catalogue? I am made a studie about those in several countries in Europe.

Thank you!
Raquel Lopes


Indsendt af Jakob  (09-07-2019)

Thank you for the request!

Until one of those that takes care of the "Træregister" see your questions and answer them more carefully I can tell you that it is a national catalogue.

Nevertheless here are an introduction in Danish and with a short summary in English even I can see the summary only briefly descripes it:

With regards

J. Buhl

Indsendt af From: Raquel Lopes To: Jakob Buhl   (09-07-2019)

Dear Jakob Buhl,

Thank you very much for the information!! It is very important for my study and that's what I was looking for!

Best regards,
Raquel Lopes

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