Find the tree with Google Earth

How to find the notable trees and forests:
1. Download and install the free programme Google Earth - Link
2. Open The Danish Tree Register and Google Earth
3. Find the informations on the tree you want to visit
4. Copy latitiude and longitude in decimal degrees (e.g., Stokkerupegen: 55.79385 12.58428)
5. Paste the coordinates into the seach field "Fly to" in Google Earth
6. Click on the magnifying glass and Google Earth finds Stokkerupegen

Google Earth

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Images of the notable trees or images from the locality in general can be found in Google Earth by checking the "Popular Panoramio Images" box. As an example, paste the coordinates of "Hvidtjørnen på Søborg Slotsruin" (56.0907 12.30970) into "Fly to" and click on the magnifying glass. After some time this image appears on your computer screen:

Google Earth Panoramio

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Google Placemarks
An overview of the currently registered trees and forests in The Danish Tree Register can be seen in Google Earth. Download the Google placemarks file "Danske-Traeer-DT2.kmz" here (LEFT click mouse).
If Danske-Traeer-DT2.kmz and Google Earth do not open automatically, download the placemarks file to your computer. Right click mouse, choose "Save as" and save the file in the folder "Documents" or in a new folder, e.g., "Google Earth Placemarks". Open Google Earth and choose "File open". NOTICE: check the "Temporary Places" box when opening the placemarks file. It is now possible by clicking the pins to access the informations kept in The Danish Tree Register via the internet link(s) to each tree or forest.
To keep a copy Danske-Traeer-DT2.kmz, when closing Google Earth just answer "Yes" and the copy will be added to "My Places".
NOTICE: Danske-Traeer-DT2.kmz is updated when The Danish Tree Register is updated. Conequently, you will need to reinstall the placemarks file from time to time.

Google Placemarks

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NOTICE: Incorrect placements may occur. If you find an incorrectly placed tree, please let us know (in Danish only)